Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Man Repeller

My significant other cannot stand many trends.  I have pieces in my wardrobes that have names such as, "your ugly dress," "your *snicker* harem pants," & "your flying squirrel sweater".  He was very self-satisfied when Jessica Simpson's high-waisted jeans were deemed "mom jeans" by critics, as that's what he's been nay-saying in my ear all along.  I think he loves me, despite my wardrobe. 

This is where the genius of The Man Repeller lies.  Leandra Medine writes about her brand of fashion--unadulterated fashion worship without concern of what attracts the opposite sex.  Fashion needs to be fun & for yourself.  Of course, I want to look attractive, but sometimes, the heart wants what it wants & mine wants a turban! 

Of course, I had to tell significant other about The Man Repeller blog.  And the fact that you can contact her at  Ha!  Pure genius! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Punch of Color

I love the simple, yet stunning look for this outfit.  It's something anyone can put together without even consulting a single fashion magazine.  This blogger was focusing on comfort & yet still remained eye-catching.  It's not always about over-the-top accessories or outrageous silhouettes, but just a punch of color & lots of confidence.  That's what style is all about. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I always wanted a tattoo, but could never commit on an image I would want to live with forever.  Thus, I am ink-less.  

I am currently obsessed with Kat Von D.  I watch “LA Ink” here & there whenever I find it on, but I saw a particular episode of “Miami Ink” that converted me as a follower.  She tattooed this man with the image of his baby girl who he lost.  It was such a lovely picture & so well executed.  I want to get one done by her one day.  Now, I just have to find an image I can commit to.