Friday, August 10, 2012

So Cool You're Hot

As the fall months approach, I start to worry about bundling up for winter.  I ran across this picture of Joanna Hillman & was immediately jealous of the Proenza Schouler jacket I missed out on, but on further review, I found myself thinking, "What are these Derek Lam boots I also missed out on?"  I hate finding things I love that aren't even available if I could afford them.  (I found a picture of them--see below--when she was hosting The Coveteur.)

However, I digress...  My issue with winter is that I cannot find a way to look this chic under a million layers of clothes that still don't keep me warm enough.  How does she do it?  Is she warm enough?  Is it because she originally hails from Canada?  Is this just for the photo?  Well, whatever the answer, this is my inspiration for the coming winter.  Wish me luck! 

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