Monday, December 27, 2010

The Anti-Anna

One of my favorite women in the world to look at is the former Editor-in-Chief of Paris "Vogue," Carine Roitfeld.  Her sense of style is extraordinary & the visuals she has created for Gucci & "Vogue" are edgy, but remain stylish without looking contrived.  She mixes luxury with fashion, but also makes it real--it never seems forced or manufactured & it's always relevant & not the same old jumping girl in front of a screen.  For those interested, this is one of my favorite articles written about her. 

Carine recently resigned from her post at Paris "Vogue" & I have been saddened that I might not have access to her work as easily.  I emulate her in all regards, as a career woman, as a fashion stylist & even a wife & mother.  I think what really strikes me is that even at age 56, she's not "toned" it down because she is of a certain age or "a mother."  It brings me hope that when I'm 56, I can remain true to myself (whatever that may be).  I could still retain my identity.  My experiences would all add to me & not take away from me.

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