Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Each Their Own...

I have been preparing a post* for quite a while regarding this Samsung Torch commercial.  My better half will attest to the fact that I start screaming whenever it's on t.v.--criticizing how it appeared to be making fun of fashion & I would exclaim that real "fashion people" (for lack of a better name) would never carry such a hideous bag.  I railed against how it portrayed fashion as just a game of hype & I would often compare it to the juice box bags to anyone who would listen. 

But while looking for this commercial, I found that people were actually looking for this bag.  After further research, I discovered that it's a real product.  I am embarrassed & confused.  I didn't want to make this blog about tearing designers or people down, but I wanted to admit that perhaps, I've failed to see the other side of my fashion as commodity argument.  This might sound like I'm making a jab at the bag again so please forgive me, but my mom used to say that someone had to design clothes for people who liked ugly clothes.  I used to grimace at that, but it's true.  At the same time, what might be ugly to me might be just what someone else is looking for.


* Once I figure out what I'm trying to say, I will post the original entry that inspired this post.  After that, I promise to get on the soapbox less frequently.

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