Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ex-Girlfriend Jeans?

I love the "boyfriend jean" look on girls & I admit that super skinny jeans on men isn't my favorite look, but Levi's calling it the "ex-girlfriend" jean is too much for me! 


  1. Replies
    1. your probable fat in the ass,and small in the mind.
      "gay"has nothing to do with it,this is about rock'n roll.
      if you can't dig it-shut your fat mouth square!

  2. Hey, that´s the greatest boy´s jean I´ve ever seen. You´ll try them - want to wear theam all day and night - and never get other jeans !

    People are prejudiced saying negative things about tight jeans for boys and men.

  3. That's just ridiculous.

  4. I'm wearing April77 Skinnies - waiting to buy that great Levis, which seems to be even tighter than April77, in Europe!

    1. yeah,i can't score a pair of these,sold out!but they look dope!
      april77s(the joey) fit pretty loose,at least when i tryed'em on.i swear by classic punk jeans like dogpile,or lipservice's classic 301g.nice and skin tight,even for a beanpoll like me.